Advancing Medical Technology with Leading 3D Mapping

26 Mar 2024

Exploring 3D Mapping in Electrophysiology

Three-dimensional mapping technology plays a crucial role in the field of electrophysiology, enabling scientists and medical professionals to delve deep into the three-dimensional structures and activities within the human body, particularly the functionality and characteristics of the nervous system. Through this technology, researchers can observe the connections and activity patterns between neurons, gaining insights into the organization and functioning of neural networks. In the medical field, 3D mapping technology is widely utilized for diagnosis and treatment, particularly in brain and heart surgeries.

Pioneering in 3D Mapping Technology

China's significant leaders in 3D mapping technology include companies like MicroPort Medical, which are dedicated to developing advanced 3D mapping systems and equipment, securing a solid market position and reputation internationally. For instance, products like the fourth-generation Columbus 3D cardiac electrophysiology mapping system from Shanghai MicroPort Electrophysiology Medical Company obtained certification under the European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU 2017/745, known as "MDR") in early 2024. Additionally, some globally renowned 3D mapping technology companies such as Biosense Webster, Abbott, and Medtronic hold significant positions in this field.

Collaborative Efforts for Advancement

It is a great honor for Nextron to collaborate with leading benchmark manufacturers of 3D mapping technology in China and around the world. Leveraging over 20 years of expertise in radiofrequency ablation and cryoablation techniques, we aim to provide our customers with more professional and reliable 3D mapping solutions locally, utilizing our technical expertise and product quality on par with renowned international manufacturers. Together, we are driving the advancement.

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