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Unleash Women's Superpower at Work
07 Mar 2023

Women‘s empowerment has always been Nextron’s focus. Now, female talents are playing a pivotal role in Nextron’s growth and transformation.
A team of female members, led by Jenny, stood out in the 2023 Lean Manufacturing Competition. They won the double crown of Awards for process improvement and value delivery, defeating all other teams composed of male engineers.
Jenny’s team possessed the qualities of tenacity, delicacy, and courage to face challenges. Not only did they put the advice of the consultant into practice, but updated working methods and adjusted the processes constantly. Obviously, their spirit of experimentation makes the awards well-deserved.
Nextron will continue to create a friendly working environment for female employees and practices the core value of gender equality. We expect there will be more and more excellent female talents becoming Nextron’s mainstays in the near future.
Let us pay tribute to all the outstanding female workers worldwide on International Women's Day.

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