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Nextron’s 1.0 mm 110GHz SMA Coaxial Connector
16 Jul 2021

Nextron’s1.0mm 110GHz SMA coaxial connectoris built under IEEE 287 and IEC 61169 standards with the mission to perform high mechanical strength and durability.

Our partnership with Taiwan University of Science and Technology Lab and our extensive experience of high frequency simulation with CST software and in-house equipment such as CNC-lathe, injection machine and network analyzer grant us the ability to design, produce and validate product independently.

The SMA coaxial connector features low Dk (2.0~2.4) and low Df (<0.02), UL 94 Standard flame retardancy and meets MIL-STD-348 interface standard. The connector will later be developed into a complete series including 5 different modules: 1.0mm type transmitting 110GHz to 3.5mm type transmitting 33GHz.

SMA coaxial connectorscould be used for multiple applications, including 5G infrastructure, high speed communication, military, aerospace, test and measurement, instrumentation…and more.

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Type Frequency
3.5mm 33GHz
2.92mm 40GHz
2.4mm 50GHz
1.85mm 65GHz
1.0mm 110GHz
  • 5G system
  • High Speed Digital
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Test and measurement
  • Instrumentation
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